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Welcome to the PDF Page!

Here you will find PDF's of each page, exercise, and section in the TRUE PATH book. 

It goes in order as it is in the book.

Starts with "Dare to Dream" the first exercise and continues on to the Daily Pages which you will be filling out on a daily basis.

Each section has an introduction to the exercise or page, followed by the PDF (virtual page/exercise) you can view and/or print out.

If this is your first time with TRUE PATH, it's recommended to watch the tutorial video that goes with each Section/PDF. This will give you the best insights into each.

Dare to Dream!

D2D is the first exercise and it's a fun one, so enjoy!

The PDF will give you the instructions on how to get in the frame of mind, but I will say...this is my favorite exercise. With that said it seems to be the most difficult for most. We are hard wired to have limiting beliefs. The point of this exercise is to get out of your normal, everyday reality and DREAM!

This is a free-write exercise. A true free-write is where you take pen to paper (you can type if you like) and write your thoughts on a subject, non-stop, for a period of time. I like to use 5 minutes as a benchmark. You can certainly go longer if you like.

You are the only one reading this, so be true to yourself and your true want, no matter what they Selfish! There are 2 types of selfish...the first, is where we take from others and that is not the Selfish I'm talking about. The other Selfish is where you think of yourself are #1 and if you don't take care of yourself, you won't be able to take care of others, so make sure you are being "Selfish" during this free-write and dream Big!

My Life

You just Dreamt about the future you and what a dream life could look like. 


Now that you have looked at who you want to become in Dare to Dream and where you are now in My Life, it's time to put down on paper what your Wants, Desires and Dreams are. 

There are 8 lines on the paper to put down 8 things you want to accomplish, but you don't have to put 8. You can put 3, you can put 13...this is Your Life, so Live it Your Way!

This exercise doesn't have to be done in on shot. If you have things you already know that you want to do, then great. But, I usually recommend sitting down and writing down what comes to you, but also, keep that though of what you really want to do in the back of your head. What happens many times is you are driving, standing in line, talking with someone and boom! Something hits can add to it all you want.

Goal Breakdown Formula

Now that you have written down your Wants, Desires and Dreams, it's time to create a roadmap on how to actually achieve them!

The Goal Breakdown Formula is just is taking what you want to accomplish and breaking it down to the What, Why, How, Where and When...the basics!

I like to emphasize the Why in this exercise as if you don't have a strong enough Why you want "it", you will have trouble motivating yourself when things get tough. As with all goals, there are days, weeks, etc. that you just can't get yourself motivated to do what you need to do to become the person you want to be.

When the Why is will get you moving towards taking the actions you need to that day, week, etc.

All goals are not the same. Some are destination goals and some are process goals. Destination goals are easier to breakdown and create the timeline for, but process goals are one's where there is no end date or result, but rather just a process of continually improving yourself. So, don't get frustrated if some of the answers don't come to you right away. 

Life is a continuous learning lesson, so make sure you look at it like that when difficult times arise. You may not see the lesson right away, but eventually you will be able to look at whatever it is you're going through and be a better you by learning.


Once you have your goal broken down, you want to create a Timeline on when you will achieve it.

Remember the two types of goals...Destination and Process.

Destination goals will be much easier to create a timeline for than Process goals. With process goals, sometimes timelines just don't work, so don't get caught up with that in this exercise.

Monthly Pages

Once you have your goals broken down and have a good sense of when and how you're going accomplish them, it's time to start mapping out your next Month, Week and Day.

You start with the larger picture, which is the Month. What does your next month look like, and what are you going to to be on track to accomplish what it is you want to achieve?

Weekly Pages

Once you know what you want to do in the next month, let's do the same for the next week!

The Weekly pages are great to really get a good grasp on what you have going on this upcoming week. This will allow you to strategically plan out how you are going to get closer to accomplishing your goals.

Daily Pages

Now that you have planned out the next 7 days or so, it is time to make the magic happen. That's exactly what your Daily Pages will do for you, they will give you the instructions on what to do that day.

You fill it out the night before and all you have to do is wake up and follow what your best self wrote down.

I say best self as when we are planning things we usually have the motivational hope that can do anything! But, when it comes down to actually doing what your best self has planned for you, it can get more difficult as you may be "tired" having a "bad day" or any of the thousands of excuses that we come up with not to do, what our best self knows we should do to become a better version of our current self.

Besides taking the action steps needed to accomplish what we set out to do, the Daily Pages consist of different elements that when really understood and followed can rewire your brain to become the person you want to become.

There will be day/nights where you don't want to take the 5 minutes it takes to fill in the boxes in your TRUE PATH. With that said, most of what makes us who we are, are our habits. Habits run our lives and we have hard wired many we wish we hadn't. Habits don't just consist of physical actions, but thought patterns and feelings.

I tell people, the only habit you need to create is filling out your TRUE PATH and participating in what you have written down, and the rest will take care of itself.

So, don't get bogged down and discouraged about all of the things you want to do and should do, just incorporate them in to your TRUE PATH System and concentrate on your TRUE PATH and your world will start to change.

Perception is Reality, so when you begin to learn about yourself more each day, which is exactly what TRUE PATH is designed to do, you will begin to see things in new and wonderful ways.


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