TRUE PATH Certification Coaching Program

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Have you always wanted to become a coach, but not sure where to start? We have the answer! The TRUE PATH Coaching Certification Program will take you from wanting to be a coach and give you the ultimate tool you can use to begin and develop your coaching career.

Are you coach already, but want to take your coaching to the next level? Getting certified as a TRUE PATH Coach will give you the tool and knowledge to help your clients, no matter their goals.

This is a 6 month course which is broken up into two 13 week sessions.

The first 13 weeks includes the Self-Coaching Program plus the Basic Coaching Skills Program that will begin to show you how to coach an individual. From learning to listen and understand how to guide them to giving them the recommendations to become their best self!

The second 13 weeks will show you how to use the coaching skills you just learned and apply them to the TRUE PATH System. These 13 weeks go in depth into each section of TRUE PATH and understanding the Neuroscience behind it. This is where the details become clearer and you begin to see the whole picture which will allow you to coach anyone, anywhere and give them the directions, structure and accountability needed to succeed.

So, the TRUE PATH Coaching Certification Program includes... 

1) You will receive the TRUE PATH Planner. The beautiful black leather binded book which contains the system from start to finish. 

2) You will receive the ebook TRUE PATH: The 5-Minute a Day Personal Development System to Achieving Everything You Want in Life. This book is the story of how Casey Moran created the system. It also gives some some good insights into the psychology behind the system. This is a great read before your TRUE PATH Planner arrives in the mail.

3) Set-up videos. You will have access to videos that will walk you through the set up process and give you some key insights and tips to make the most of your TRUE PATH.

4) Set-up workshop. You will have the opportunity to attend a live online TRUE PATH set-up workshop will Casey will walk you through the set up process and answer questions you may have. (1 workshop a month. If you can't attend a live workshop, you will have access to a recorded one.

5) Weekly, Live, Workshops with Casey. Make the most of your TRUE PATH experience and learn the tools that will last a lifetime! 

6) 26 Week Access to Casey. If you have a question, need some guidance or clarification, you will be able to email Casey!

7) 13 Weekly sessions with Casey covering the Basic Coaching Skills Program which will revolve around the material assigned the previous week.

8) 13 Weekly sessions with Casey covering how to apply the coaching skills program material to the TRUE PATH System