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Here's what you get with the TRUE PATH System

1) You will receive the TRUE PATH Guide Book. The beautiful black leather binded book which contains the system from start to finish. 

2) You will receive the ebook TRUE PATH: The 5-Minute a Day Personal Development System to Achieving Everything You Want in Life. This book is the story of how Casey Moran created the system. It also gives some some good insights into the psychology behind the system. This is a great read before your TRUE PATH Planner arrives in the mail.

3) Set-up videos. You will have access to videos that will walk you through the set up process and give you some key insights and tips to make the most of your TRUE PATH.


Taking you from where you where you want to be!


On the outside, TRUE PATH is a 13-Week Goal Setting Guide that gives you the Direction, Structure and Accountability needed to succeed.

The TRUE PATH System was created to give you purpose! It's designed with behavioral neuroscience principles that shows you how to train your brain to become the person you want to be.

Because it is a system, you plug in what you want...better relationships, more money, eat healthier, exercise more, etc. If you follow the system, you will accomplish anything you want.


92% of people fail to accomplish the goals they set for themselves. There are a number of reasons why this is, but #1 is they don't write them down, #2 is they don't create a plan and #3 they don't take the first action step which gets them to the 2nd action step, etc.

The average habit takes the average person 66 days to create or change! 
Now this is the average habit and average person. Every person and habit is different, but creating them is basically the same. The number one reason people fail to create a habit is they don't set reminders. Your brain isn't going to just remember to do the habit you are trying to create, so you must remind yourself until it becomes a routine and then finally a habit.

TRUE PATH works because it starts out by giving the Direction, structure and Accountability needed to succeed!

Direction - TRUE PATH starts with beginning exercises that unveils your true "wants" which gives you the direction needed to build a structure.

Structure - TRUE PATH gives you a format that is designed with behavioral neuroscience principles to help you create the routines that turn into the healthy habits needed to succeed!

Accountability - TRUE PATH has self accountability built into its design which creates..well, self accountability (as well as other accountability resources available).

But TRUE PATH is much, much more than that...

Proven - 13 weeks is a proven time frame for accomplishing goals. Learning the TRUE PATH System and how to Self-Coach yourself is a GOAL.

Motivating - People like to make year goals, but what happens with those goals...most fail! Why? it's too long! It's easy to give up. 13 weeks is short enough to see the light at the end of the tunnel and allows for each step you take to be significant. This keeps you motivated, as with longer goals, it's that lack of motivation that gets in the way of you staying on your TRUE PATH and accomplishing the thing you set out to achieve. 

Habit Forming - 13 weeks is also long enough to make a significant difference in your life. One of the stats I stated earlier was the average habit takes approximately 66 days to cement. 13 weeks gives you 91. When you make TRUE PATH a gets easier!

Testimonials from a few who found their TRUE PATH...

"TRUE PATH helped me get "unstuck" and past the obstacles in my life. It did this by opening up a level of potential I didn't realize I had."    - Alex

"TRUE PATH was quite literally a life changer for me...I'm now achieving goals that prior were a mere pipe dream!"   - Matt

"I wanted a better solution for weight loss and I'd tried every diet out there. TRUE PATH guided me to my own best solutions...not only with diet and nutrition, but life in general has improved enormously for me, simply from becoming aware of habits I didn't even know I had."     - Jen

"TRUE PATH is extremely practical and effective in getting things under control, as well as a supportive system for growth."    - Claire

"TRUE PATH has helped make my goals clear...this has led to getting in better shape, be more successful at work, and start my own business...I'm prepared and ready to take on any challenge!"    - Greg