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Member Premium Services

Congratulations on becoming a TP Member!

Some are great with self-discipline and committing to what they set out to do.

When I say some...studies show that 8% of people accomplish their goals.

That means 92% fail.

TP works in blocks of 13 weeks.

For TP to work and be a success for you, you must participate on a daily basis...make it a habit.

One of the latest studies on habits says that the average habit for the average person takes about 66 days.

Not many have the discipline to do something for 66 days to make it a habit.

This is why we offer tools and services that will help you become one of the elite 8% who accomplish what they set out to do.

The first is the Set Up Session, which is a 45 minute zoom or phone call with Casey to help you set up your TP book according to your life. The best way to start strong!

The second is having access and being coached by Casey via email for 13 weeks. Casey will help guide you through anything you are going through with TP or just life in general. He will many times answer via video email as it is more thourogh and easier to get his message across.

The third is the combo package which includes both at a discount. If you want the richest TP experience and best chance of success...this is it!

For more info. on each package just click the more info. button on each package. If you have any questions we haven't answered, send us an email.