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The TRUE PATH System
revolves around a little black book

Goal Setting Planner that is also a complete personal development journal and program

The Book looks and feels very similar to a daily planner.

TRUE PATH is much, much more than that! 

How does it work?

Each TRUE PATH book consists of 13-weeks of daily and weekly pages.

Step 1 - Each evening you fill out your TRUE PATH for the next day (about 5 minutes)

Step 2 - You wake up and follow what you (your best self) have written.

The process is that simple.

Daily Pages

The Daily Pages are where most of the magic happens, as it's where you create your future self.

productivity planner and goal setter

Completed daily page.

Personal development planner example

Principles of writing down your day...every day!

Write it Down (on paper)

One study suggests that you are 42% more likely to accomplish a goal,
if you write it down on a daily basis.

Paper vs. Phone
Studies point to increased brain activity in areas that are associated with memory recall when writing down on paper vs your phone or computer.



The key to habit development, which is the key to accomplishing goals, is repetition.

In TRUE PATH, you will write the same things over and over, and you'll wonder if you are wasting time. 

Repetition allows the brain to start
 forming and strengthening neuropathways, which over time will create the healthy habits needed to become the person you desire to be.


Willpower is a muscle and we have a limited amount each day.
Every decision we make during the day uses a little willpower.

Many of us exhaust our willpower during the day, making decisions.
We may have planned on exercising or eating a healthy dinner, and because we have no willpower left, that plan goes out the window.

you plan your day the evening before. 
If you wake up and follow a plan you have, you limit the amount of decisions needed to be made. This leaves you with the willpower needed to make the right decisions.

These are just three of the many reasons TRUE PATH works.
You will learn many more as you get deeper into the System.

Key Elements of TRUE PATH

TRUE PATH helps you develop a morning routine, which is arguably the most important thing you can do to be successful. When you win your morning, you win your's that simple. We don't promote an extensive morning routine (hours), we simply help you put together a pattern in the morning that you are comfortable with and gets your mindset right for the day. A good morning routine will put you in control and instead of living a reactive life, you will begin to live a pro-active life...doing what you want.

 Many of us wake up and just go, without a plan, knowing that the day will lead us somewhere. unfortunately, that is like getting into a raft in a river without oars. The river is going to take you where it wants and you will end up somewhere, but usually not where you want. TP gives you the direction on a daily basis to know what you are doing and where you are going, so you are the captain of your life...not others.

Habits run our lives up to this point we've developed many habits we wish we didn't have. To change or develop a new habit is HARD. One of the latest statistics is that the average habit for the average person takes 66 days! Not many of us have the discipline or know how to keep something up for 66 days. TP does this for you and is really the cornerstone of TP. Developing the healthy habit you want to live the happy life you want.

Not only is there a mindset aspect of TP, but as you start to make TP a daily habit of your, you will see how your mindset will automatically shift for the better.  you become more positive and more in control.

Yes, there is a gratitude section in TP, but we don't ask you to write 10 things down every day, instead we ask you to write 1. But, you must attach a feeling or em;otion to it, which will make it real. Gratitude practice is an extremely important part of lifting your mood/mindset.

Of course there is a to-do section in TP, so that you can remind yourself later of thing you need/want to do.

Creating and accomplishing goals was the original idea behind TP, but it has become much more. But, everything you do in TP is designed to help you accomplish your goals and dreams.

Finally there is a day in review. This section sums up your day and helps you understand and learn what you can do tomorrow to be better than today. Cause learning is really the point of TP. The more you learn about yourself and ow you work, you will be able to tweak and change things about  yourself, which in the end makes a better you!

There are also weekly pages where you get to sum up your week and plan your next week. A great way to look back on your week and see what you learned and how to apply it to the next.

If you are competitive, Casey added a competitive aspect where you can track your progress and try and beat your last high score :)


Are You Ready...

Join TP13 and instantly unlock access to the Members Pages which include...

1) PDF Page
The complete TRUE PATH Book in virtual form that you can view/download/print anytime.

2) Video Page
All of the tutorial videos from the Workshop. This will allow you to view tips, tricks and techniques to get a deeper understanding of page/element.

3) Premium Services
Discounted offers for Members. From the physical TP Book to one-on-one coaching with Casey.

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