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You signed up for TP13 or are just begining your TP journey...where to start...what to do? This page is to help you go step by step to make your TP Experience the best possible. 

TP starts with a few exercises in the beging and then goes into the Daily and Weekly pages.

What we suggest is to start with the beginning exercises that help you get a better look at your life presently and the life you want to create. Even if you know where you are and where you want to go, it is beneficial to do the begining exercises.

As you are doing the beginning exercises that may day a few days/week depending on how you approach them, You can also be filling out the daily/weekly pages to get used to them.

Go to PDF page and print out the exercises and a few of the daily pages along with a weekly page.This will allow you to have the content of TP in front of you while your TP is in the mail.

Start with the begining exercises, but also start learning the Daily page. 

do the exercises in order, and watch the tutorial video before you do them for a better understanding.

D2D (pdf link) (vid link)
My Life

You don't have to do them all at once. Do them at your pace. Start with D2D then My Life

Once you've done the first 2, you are now looking to create the goals you are looking to accomplish. That's where WDD comes into play. With WDD the answers you are looking for may not just come to you while you are sitting there. So, what I suggest is to keep the things you want to do and accomplish in the back of your mind, and when something pops may be in line at the store, or driving, etc. Write it Down! Taking notes and jotting ideas down is a tool that if you adopt as a habit will benefit you in more ways than you can imagine.

Once you have some things down that you want to make your goals. We suggest 3., work, relationships, etc.

Then move on to the GBF. This can seem a bit daunting...don't let it. This is not you writing the perfect goal and plan. This is you beginning to create a plan to be a better you and there will be twists and turns along the way that you need to adjust to, so when doing the GBF and Timeline...these are just the outline, which will be detailed as you travel on your TP Journey.

Daily and Weekly pages

The daily page is the most important part of TP and where the real magic happens, so getting aquanted with it is beneficial.

Go to the PDF page and print some of the daily sheets out.

Go to the Daily pages videos and watch them.

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