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I'm Casey Moran, the creator of TRUE PATH.

Here is my story and how the TRUE PATH System came to be.

Cognitive Performance Coach Casey Moran

I'm a serial entrepreneur and personal development enthusiast who specializes in performance and transformation.

After graduating from Arizona State University in 2000, I started my first company.  After selling it in 2014, I asked myself..."what do I want to do with the rest of my life?"

The answer was...learn as much as possible about why we, as humans, do what we do. I never understood why so many of us have goals, ambitions and very few of us actually accomplish what we set out to achieve. I knew it all started and ended with our brain, so I dove into neuroscience research.

At the same time I started coaching what I knew...entrepreneurs.

Soon my entrepreneurial coaching business shifted to performance and transformational, as I would focus on the person and not so much the business. With this shift, I wanted to answer the question which I heard a lot..."What kind of coach are you?"

I wasn't a health, business, relationship, etc. coach as my methods can be applied universally as I show you how to retrain your brain to get the most out of your cognitive abilities, I label myself a "Cognitive Performance Coach".

I take a pragmatic approach to Neuroscience and Biohacking, which is essentially making small changes in your everyday life to become the best version of yourself. I do this with a relaxed, but driven demeanor, which comes across with an optimistic outlook. I have a competitive side which allows me to truly take your life and goals personal…when you “win” I feel as though do too.

The TRUE PATH System was officially developed in 2017, but really began in 2000 when I was starting my first business. I didn't have much discipline back then, so in order to make sure I did what was needed, I wrote down what I was going to do the night before. That's it! I didn't know back then the power of just that act. Through the years I began adding neuroscience principles which turned it into the transformational tool it is today.

Find out more about Casey on his personal website

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